A Re-discovery, Blessing Yourself

“Blessed is…” Do these two words send their own instant message to you? They do to me. There was a time when just the beginning of a blessing twerked and tweaked my curiosity. But when I got to the age where I questioned my beliefs— when childhood wonder was no longer an option, I disappeared them.

Blessings had not gotten much attention in the hustle of my adult living. They became like something  leftover from a Sunday school lesson. A blessing was kind of out there in some magic land where the good do not die young and health insurance is easily affordable

Some years ago, I was re-introduced by a spiritual friend to the idea of blessings. By that time, they had become like a novelty item to me, like a box of old fishing lures run across in some weather-beaten store remote in high mountains nowhere near a lake or stream where they could be of much use. Sure, I ran across blessings in the numerous scriptures and holy teachings I traipsed through on my own spiritual journey, but I never really got much from them. With the encouragement of my spiritual friend, I began to write my own. That’s when blessings suddenly came to life! With the ones I crafted over more than ten years, I discovered a gift potential that I am now led to share. I went from a naysayer on blessings to their advocate. May what is stated here bring out the best in you, too.

Writing a single blessing led to another and another. While crafting hundreds of them they began to speak to me, telling me to bless myself as a way to bless others just as blessing others is a way to bless me. I began to get it than my blessing me was also a blessing to others.

I noticed how blessings are invariably about how and who I want to be, and this means who I want to be, if not now, in the future. The future I want for myself includes most importantly how I want to feel in the future. Moreover, I don’t just want and need to feel a certain way in the future, I need to feel it now. I wanted to feel blessed!

Who doesn’t want to feel blessed?

After writing and reading a lot of blessings, I came to realize in the big picture how blessings speak in the root language of personal change, healing, and transformation. I was thrilled to discover that archaeologically, blessings predate the healing arts of the social and medical sciences. When it comes to self-improvement, the words of blessings are sort of the grand mommy of them all! They offer therapy, empowerment, and new life.

I hope you will look further into this concern. You will find taken to the next level how the words of blessings contain their own powers of change. You will learn how these words hold the energies of human growth—how feeling blessed precedes a blessed life. May you bless yourself for a blessed life!