Have you ever found yourself trapped in a cycle of negative emotions, haunted by memories of past experiences? It’s time to take control of your emotional state and break free from the grip of memories that no longer serve you. This blog explores a powerful concept: memories do the crime of influencing your emotions, but you have the power to do the time by choosing how you want to feel. Discover four transformative steps to help you regain control over your emotions and create the emotional states you desire.

1. Acknowledge the Emotional Impact of Memories

Memories hold immense power over our emotions. Often, a simple thought or reminder can evoke feelings associated with past experiences. Begin by acknowledging the emotions that arise when certain memories come to mind. Understand that these emotions are valid, but they don’t have to dictate your present state.

2. Reflect and Reevaluate

Take time to reflect on the memories that trigger negative emotions. Ask yourself whether these emotions are still serving you or if they are holding you back from experiencing the present moment fully. Consider the lessons you’ve learned from those experiences and how they have shaped you. This reflection provides a foundation for moving forward with intention.

3. Choose Your Desired Emotional State

Now that you’ve acknowledged the emotions tied to memories, it’s time to reclaim your power by choosing how you want to feel. Identify the emotional state you desire in the present moment. Do you want to feel joy, peace, confidence, or gratitude? Make a conscious decision to shift your focus from the memories that bring you down to the emotions you want to cultivate.

4. Engage in Emotion-Boosting Practices

To feel the way you want to feel, engage in practices that align with your chosen emotional state. If you want to feel joy, engage in activities that bring you happiness, whether it’s spending time with loved ones, engaging in creative pursuits, or immersing yourself in nature. If you want to feel calm, practice mindfulness, deep breathing, or meditation. By consciously engaging in activities that evoke your desired emotions, you gradually reshape your emotional landscape.

Bonus: Cultivate a Positive Memory Bank

Create a positive memory bank filled with experiences that uplift and inspire you. Consciously create new memories that align with the emotions you want to feel. These positive memories can serve as a resource to draw upon whenever you need a boost or a reminder of the emotional states you’re striving to cultivate.


While memories might trigger emotions, you have the power to choose the emotions you want to feel in the present moment. By acknowledging the emotional impact of memories, reflecting on their significance, choosing your desired emotional state, and engaging in emotion-boosting practices, you can break free from the grip of negative emotions and create a more intentional and fulfilling emotional experience. Remember, memories might do the crime, but you hold the key to doing the time in the emotional states you desire.